Average Jogging Speed

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Average jogging speed is dependent on many things but common consensus is that you must be running faster than 9kmph to be ‘running’ so jogging is anything between walking and running. We would suggest that an average speed would be around 8.5 – 9.0 kmph.

The truth is it doesn’t matter if you are technically jogging or running as long as you are moving, concentrate on your style and keep your arms moving, improve your time for you run and warm up properly! You will find that your speed will increase over time. If you are looking to improve your average jogging speed you could do so by varying the distance you run and also the intensity you run at. Try to do some shorter faster runs at least once a week, this will improve your aerobic capacity and lead to you running or jogging faster on longer runs.

We hope this short article has helped you with your average jogging speed.