Beginners Running

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Beginners Running -Be able to run 3 miles or 5 km within the next 8 weeks.

Beginners Running
is all about getting stuck in. Become involved and train hard and you will soon be running further than you ever thought you could. But remember
it is you who is responsible for getting to the stage where you can run for 3 miles and only your own hard work and dedication will get you there.

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If you have not done any exercise for a while this training program will allow you to be able to run 3 miles or 5km 8 weeks from now, as long as you have a reasonable
level of fitness. Make sure you seek the advice of your doctor before beginning this program.

There are many considerations for you when doing this program so consider the following points,

Keep your diet to 2000 calories if you are a woman, 2500 if you are a many. Try to eat foods that have to be picked or caught so look at lots of fruit and vegetables and plenty of chicken, turkey and fish. try to stay away from processed foods such as bread, biscuits, crisps and cakes. have a light breakfast such as porridge, a light lunch such as a tuna salad and a light tea, maybe chicken and wholegrain rice with veggies, have two pieces of fruit as treats one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Drink 2 litres of water a day.

Rest Days
Your rest days are the days when your body recovers from the work you have done the day before. It is important that your body recovers from the work you have done and
is allowed to repair muscles. This is why it is critical that you use the correct fuel for your body. if you eat the right things and cut out the rubbish you will recover faster, feel sharper and be able to run further.

Make sure you have the correct footwear to be running in and the correct clothing. If you do not you risk injury.

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Warming up and cooling down
Make sure you spend time warming your muscles by stretching, this means that you will have less chance of pulling a muscle. It is also important to spend five minutes after your run cooling down, this will reduce the stiffness you feel in your muscles.

General Points
Try and use the stairs not the lift and walk if you can instead of driving. use your body whenever you can and drink plenty of water. The first two weeks of this training program will get you moving again, the next four weeks will concentrate on increasing your fitness. The last two weeks will focus more on the distance you can run to get you up to the 5km distance.

A program can be set out for you but only you know when you will be available and when you feel the best time to exercise is. Some people like to get up early and go for a run to get it out of the way, they can be back from the run and showered having breakfast by 7am. others use a gym immediately after work and some like to road run in the evening. Only you know the best time for you.

Week 1 – Get your body moving, your heart beating and your legs walking.

Start slowly. As previously mentioned, if you do too much too soon you may struggle and that sense that this is fun will be lost before you even get going. If
you have not done much recently then this week you will be most susceptible to injury.

Begin with a brisk walk, remember it’s all about making a habit so this is a good place to start. If you can’t manage the time to have a brisk walk you won’t find the
time to run. Walking is good to get you moving so get walking. Walk for half an hour. Keep the pace brisk.Get your


Brisk walk for 30 mins.


Brisk Walk for 30 mins.

Go for a 30 minutes swim. If you have access to a pool swimming is a great way to improve your running, it does this by increasing your aerobic capacity.


Week 2 of Beginners Running

Keep week two similar to week one, add some press ups (try to do 10) and some sit ups (aim for 25) to your cool down after your walk. If you feel you are fit enough
you can add some short runs to the walk. A good tip to do this is to run to the next lamp post, then walk to the next one and so on. If you get too tired then revert back
to your walking. Don’t work too hard and end up not been able to get home! Beginners Running is about patience and also dedication.

Week 3 and 4

Continue to increase the amount you run and decrease the amount you walk. Keep up the stretching, add a few more press ups (25) and sit ups (go for 50). Keep close
control over your diet and keep up the swimming, look to increase the amount you can swim.

Week 5

This week replace the Monday walk/run with a steady 20 jog. Do a 40 minutes walk/jog on Wednesday and a 25 minute jog on the Friday. Keep up your press ups and sit ups
and increase your swimming distance.

Week 6

This week do three runs all half an hour on Monday, Wednesday and then Friday. Again keep up with the other aspects of your training and make sure you are strict with
your diet. Keep your water intake about 2 litres per day.

Week 7 and 8

Start to build up your runs to 40 minutes, this should easily be enough to be able to jog a steady 3 miles. Beginners Running – Done!

Good luck with this training plan. Don’t be scared to tailor it to your own needs just be prepared to work hard and push yourself. Good luck with your beginners running.

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