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Running Tips – Breathing

There are many running tips but controlling your breathing is key to runner longer distances. Keeping your breathing in check is a must for any new runner, mastering a good breathing technique will help you to run further and faster. The key is to find a good rhythm for your breathing. There are many ways to do this, some runners use their feet to regulate their breathing, use the rhythm of your feet to breath in the pattern of your feet as they hit the floor.

2-2 breathing rhythm

Left foot- begin exhale Right foot- continue exhale Left foot- begin inhale Right foot- continue inhale

Most elite athletes uses this method to regulate their breathing. Some people believe that exhaling on the same foot time after time can lead to a stitch but, if you are new to running it is more important to achieve some kind of consistency, this is our recommended technique and we have no problem with stitches as long as we have prepared other aspects of the run correctly. Good breathing is simply getting into a rhythm or pattern, as soon as you do this you will improve your running immediately. If you do find that you are getting a stitch whilst using this technique there is another that you could try, this is called

3-2 breathing rhythm

Left foot- begin inhale Right foot- continue inhale Left foot- begin exhale Right foot- continue exhale Left foot – continue exhale Right foot- begin inhale

According to De Paul University Track Coach Bill Leach, uneven breathing cycles are effective because pressure in the lung is lower than the atmosphere, causing air to rush in quickly. Take a little extra time to exhale, since leaving residual carbon dioxide in the lungs can impede the delivery of oxygen on the next inhale.

Both techniques will improve your running ability and if you are new to the sport it is crucial that you find the correct breathing pattern for your style of running, the best way to do this is to get out their with these pointers and be conciense of your breathing whilst you are out on your run. If it is safe to do so it may be worth listening to music and picking up a beat in the tune to work your breathing to.

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Whatever method you choose work at it until you have perfected it, any runner you see who is fast and consistent has been through the process of improving their breathing, it is something that all good runners have mastered. We hope you have enjoyed this guide to running tips – breathing.