Half Marathon Training Schedule

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Half marathon training Schedule brought to you by Running Tips. We are a free site here to help runners of all standards improve their training and race times by training better and harder. So you’ve come here for tips? Well here goes.

Tip one – make sure you finish

If you’re training for your first half marathon then you need to make sure you finish you can do this by creating a good half marathon training schedule. Once you have completed the distance once you will have a time on which to improve but if its your first getting the distance done should be your number one priority. If you still want a good time make sure your training and diet are good, which leads us into tip two. Your training will lead you to a competitive time so you need to keep focus on that, if you do the actual run will take care of itself.

Tip Two – Ensure your diet is bang on

If you want to finish and you want to finish in style you need to follow a good half marathon training program and you need to be controlling your diet and eating the foods that are going to improve you body enough to complete the circuit. So focus on whole grains, fish, chicken, turkey and plenty of vegetables. You’ll also need carbs to keep your energy levels up but get these from wholegrain pasta, wholegrain bread and veggies and not white bread and white pasta and white rice which are processed carbs. Complex carbs should make up around 65% of your total calorie intake whilst you are training.

Tip Three – Find a good training program

Find a good training program that you can follow, there are different half marathon Training Schedule’s depending on your experience but it is important to make sure you have a base level of fitness before you start a training program. A half marathon training schedule will presume that you have a base level of fitness so if you are totally new to running a starting point will be running constantly for half an hour. Once you can do this you can find a suitable training program.

Tip four – Getting good running shoes

If you are serious about running then you need to look after your feet, the best way to do this is to have good quality running shoes. We have a page dedicated to running shoes, our running shoes guide.

Tip Five – Water, water, water

Staying hydrated is key to running long distances. If you watch a professional long distance race you will find drink stations to allow the athletes to take small amounts of water on board at frequent intervals. It is critical that if you are running long distances you stay hydrated.

Tip six – pace

When you are training you need to find your race pace, if you start a half marathon too quickly you regret it towards the end of the race and may find you struggle to finish. If you want to challenge yourself do so in training by training with someone who is better than you. During the race try and find a pace setter who you can try and keep up with, try not to pick the race leader! There are so many half marathon training tips! We’ll be adding more but in the mean time here are some more to keep you going.

Tip seven – Warm up and cool down

At the beginning and end of your training runs you need to warm up and cool down. Cooling down will help prepare you for your next run. Look at cooling down after a run as the start of your next run, your body will thank you for it and reward you with better times.

Tip eight – Training routes

When training try to vary your routes to keep things fresh even if they are all the same distance. This will help to keep things interesting for you. If you run the same route day in day out you will soon get bored. Also look at different distances so if you are short on time you can do a shorter, faster run.

Tip nine – Track your progress

You need goals in life, your goal is to run a half marathon, a journal or training log will show you how you will get there. If you record your distances and times you will see how you are getting closer to achieving your goals. You can use a Garmin Watch to record your times, distances, calories burned and much more, they are a fantastic piece of running kit.

Tip ten

Stay motivated. You must use whatever techniques you can to stay motivated. Thats why the Garmin Watch is so important it records your actions so you can compare yourself to a previous training session, you will see the improvements and this will keep you motivated to do your best and run your hardest.

As you can see there is a lot to learn when you are new to running. Your running journey is an evolving thing so runners are always learning and helping each other to run faster and run further than the last time. In essence you are always racing one person and that is yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our Half Marathon training Schedule

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