How to Run Faster

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How to run faster is something we all want to learn how to do, luckily there are many things you can do to learn. You can improve your runs in many different ways.

Equipment – Do you need new running shoes? It is claimed that new running shoes can knock a few % of your best time once you have broke them in. Have a good look at your running trainers and have a think about how long you have had them, if it’s more than a year chances are they are not offering much protection or cushioning. If you are buying new trainers you might be best served in going to a professional running shop where they can look at your running style and how your foot hits the ground when you are running to recommend the best running trainers in your budget.

Preparation – this is so important to use if you want to learn how to run faster. Do you make sure that you fuel your body correctly? If you are going to Cornwall on holiday the first thing most of us do is go to the petrol station and fuel up the car for the journey, you should be doing the same before a run. Try having 500ml of water and a banana 20 minutes before a run and see if this brings your time down. Also make sure you have a good warm up, if you don’t warm up before a run then unbeknown to you your body will use the first few minutes of the run to warm up and in these first five minutes you will lose time on the run. So get warm before you set off. Try some press ups to warm your chest and arms, great for pumping you forward on your run, try some hip rotations to warm your lower back and core, this is great way to avoid lower back pain on a run. Finally one minute of jumping jacks to get your heart rate going and then set off. Its easy to learn how to run faster.

Variety – How to run faster is about variety. Have you been doing the same run for a long time and are not seeing any improvement? If you do the same run all the time because you are running to work or because you have a planned route that you like the scenery on the chances are your body has simply got used to the distance and has learned how best to handle the distance, this can be frustrating for you but there is still plenty that you do to mix it up. If you can, change the route or even better change the distance, if your run to work takes you 40 minutes, on a Saturday get up early and do a 15 minute run but push yourself as hard as you can and do it as fast as you possibly can, do this for four weeks and you will see your 40 minute run is no longer taking 40 minutes. If you can only do the same run to work each time due to weekend family time and such like, try running faster for the first five minutes, then slow down for the next five and repeat, this is called interval training and is great for teaching your body how to run faster.

If you are looking for further help with increasing your speed try Develop Killer Speed. It’ll get you one step closer to being the next Usain Bolt!

How to run faster is something we can all do, follow these tips and you’ll be breaking personal bests in no time. Good luck with How to run faster.

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