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Jogging is a form of running at a slightly slower pace than running. So what is the difference between jogging and running? Mike Antoniades offers a specific definition, describing jogging as running slower than 6 mph (10 minute per mile pace, 9.7 km/h, 6.2 min/km)

The main intention of jogging is to increase fitness with less stress on the body than from faster running and to look better and feel better too. It is also great for burning fat as jogging keeps you in your fat burning zone. Here we look at why jogging is one of the most popular forms of exercise and how with a little help, you can be jogging in no time at all.
Jogging is a fantastic way to lose weight and is something that we can all do regardless of our levels of fitness, saying that if you haven’t jogged for a while then it would be sensible to get checked out by a doctor. Prior to beginning an exercise programme make sure your blood pressure is ok and that you are healthy enough to embark on a jogging program.
So what makes people want to jog?

We have all seen them on a Sunday morning jogging at the side of the road with their headphones in but what motivates these people to get an early night and then get up and get jogging? Half of them look like they need to put weight on rather than lose anymore!

Well as a serious runner, I think I am qualified to tell you. It is a combination of many things and once I have gone through these you’ll hopefully be inspired to give it a go. I will then give you some tips and hints that will give you the chance to get out there and experience them for yourselves.

Firstly, it’s not really about weight loss, that’s kind of a by-product of jogging, when you go for a jog you are not going to look any different at the finish and you are not going to weigh any less so that’s not the motivation, the weight will come off you if you keep jogging. The fact that you see so many people jogging and you look at them and think, why are they jogging they clearly don’t need to lose weight but the truth is, the way a good run makes you feel they need to run to get that buzz.

Jogging and running release endorphins, this chemical in the brain is responsible for a natural high and jogging is a great way to get your endorphins going. Couple this with a beautiful day and it really does feel incredibly good to get out and getting jogging.

Obviously, this is a long way from where we all start our jogging career, to be able to jog three, five or even ten miles is not an easy feat and is something that all serious runners have had to build up to. This progress can be very quick and natural, especially for younger people whose bodies respond quickly and efficiently or, it can take a lot longer if you are overweight and older. It also matters when the last time you exercise was, if it was more than 12 months ago then again get checked out by a doctor before you get going.

So what are the key benefits of jogging then?

• A Sense of pride and achievement
• Weight loss
• Healthy completion
• Improved , longer life

Ok so we’ve convinced you to get out there and get jogging so how do you go from wanting to jog to actually doing it?
Firstly, get checked out by a doctor, make sure you a physically ok to start jogging. Once you have got the all clear you need to make sure that you have the right clothing, you need comfortable clothing that does its job correctly, this can be the right trainers, the correct shorts of the correct size and a lightweight t-shirt or top, also make sure you have good socks on and you ladies need to invest in a good sports bra. You should also think about your route, it is best to run in a small half-mile circular route if you can, this way you are never too far from home or the car in case you run out of energy. Some people prefer to start jogging on a treadmill at a gym for the first few times to make sure that they can jog the distance they set out to.

Now you have the correct jogging clothing, pick up your ipod (if you are running off road) and get out there. Start with a warm up, this can be any form of dynamic stretching, dynamic stretching is simply moving your body around to warm it up, good examples of this are start jumps and squats. Once you have done a five-minute warm up then you can set off, if you are new to jogging then start of at a slow pace, your first jogging session should just be about getting all the way around your route without stopping if you can. Aim to do a one-mile jog, if this was too easy then you can always increase the distance over the next few weeks until you are pushing yourself. If you find that, you are struggling then do not simply stop, this will make it harder to carry on, just slow down and if you have to walk but keep moving. After the jogging session, it is a good idea to cool down with some traditional static stretches, these will start to contract the muscles and cool them down, these stretches should be done slowly.

You should always review your jogging sessions and write down how far you have run and how long it has taken you so next time you head out you can improve on your last time. It is important that you go jogging at least three times a week. Some days you will not feel like jogging at all, if this is one of your jogging days then make the effort but do not push yourself too hard. On days when you are feeling good look to run faster or further than you have before. As you get more advanced you can look to run shorter circuits but much faster or slower longer runs.

Good luck with your exercise program, we hope we have helped you to get out there and get jogging