Running to Lose Weight

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Running to lose weight is something that we all want to do and is most cases is the very reason people take up running in the first place. It is important that if you are running to lose weight you train in the correct manner, have the correct equipment and tailor your runs for weight loss rather than building leg muscles or to improve speed or stamina.

If you’re running to lose weight then you need to be conducting your runs in a certain way and you need to be backing this up with the correct diet and by drinking lots of water? It is key to eat correctly, regardless of how you run you will not lose weight if you do not eat correctly, in fact you could put weight on as you will be really hungry after a long run so if you don’t refuel yourself in the correct way you will not lose weight. You need to commit to running to lose weight so unfortunately the dominos pizzas and trips to the pub are off the menu and steamed chicken and bottled water should be a big part of your life!
Good, you are still reading so we can presume that you have the required desire to lose weight by running. We will presume that you have learned about diet, water consumption and have the correct equipment to avoid injury such as the correct footwear.

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If you are running to lose weight then your training needs to be varied but as does the intensity of your runs so mix long runs with shorter, faster ones and even try interval training where you mix the intensity within a single run, this is a great way to lose weight and can give you really fast results, it is better suited to an experienced runner though so if you are new to running then initially you may be better served by finding out your limits. If you know your limits in terms of how far you can run and how fast you can run then you know if you have done well. To do this you may be best served in running on a treadmill so you can see exactly how far you have run and how long it has taken you, record this information so next time you get on the machine you can see if you are better or worse than last time.

Once you are running for over 20 minutes without stopping then you can progress to running outside, this should be something that you have a real good think about, you need to make sure you can run a circuit that you can get back from, if you usually run on the treadmill for 20 minutes then you need to make sure your outdoor run is going to take you roughly the same amount of time. To do this you can use Google Earth (free to download) to tell you have far your route is, it is very accurate so if you usually run 1.5 miles in 20 minutes, then use Google earth to plan a 1.5 circuit either from your home or from where you will park the car.
Running in general is a fantastic idea, it will keep you fit, it will keep you active and it will encourage weight loss. Good luck with running to lose weight.