Running for Weight Loss

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Running for weight loss is a really good idea. It is something that we can all do no matter what our standard and it is something that as you become better at it you see better results, all you need is the correct equipment and the desire to succeed. Most people fail at running in the first two weeks, if you can get past this period then you will see big improvements and it won’t hurt as much!

When running for weight loss is critically important to get kitted out in the correct equipment, if you use the wrong trainers or wear a t-shirt that rubs then it is likely that you will experience some pain or even an injury that could prevent your progress or worse still stop you from running before you get started. If you are on a budget you will be able to get fully kitted out for a run for around £30 this includes trainers, once you are running regularly and have really taken to it then you can spend more money on a great pair of trainers but to start with the key to running for weight loss is to see if you like it. So we’ll start with your trainers, if you are in the UK then the two stores where you will pick up some cheap running trainers will be either Windsor’s or Sports Direct. Windsor’s sell Hi-Tec Silver Shadow running trainers for around £20 and Sports Direct sells a range of trainers. Hi Tec silver shadow used to be used by Army cadets and are great cost effective running trainers, they offer good protection for the feet and some cushioning for your joints and tendons, if you want to have more cushioning then you can buy the trainers half a size too big and add a insole for more bounce. If you are going to Sports Direct then look out for New Balance Trainers or Asics as brands as these makes both started out as professional running brands and moved across to fashion trainers. If you are at Sports Direct you can pick up your shorts and a t-shirt and training top and then you are ready to go.

Running for weight loss is important to get right so now you are kitted up with the correct running gear we can have a look at the next section, planning. Planning a run is important for an obvious reason, you need to get back! If you set off from home or from a car and run until you are tired you still have to get back home or to the car so if you have never run before you may be best served by finding a gym that lets you ‘pay as you train’ and getting on a treadmill to find out what your capabilities are as a runner who is running for weight loss.

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Because you are running for weight loss specifically there are some further pointers to consider, you need to mix up your runs so if you are new to running for the first month concentrate on increasing your distance up to around 5km or 3 miles. In month two introduce some shorter 3km or 2 mile runs but try and run faster on these runs, later in month three introduce some longer runs, 7km or 4 mile runs and finally interval training where you run all out for one minute and then slow right down for a minute, these speeding up and slowing down over the course of a half hour run can really shift weight and can help you to run further for longer periods of time.

As you can see running for weight loss is a complex matter and one that is to be taken seriously if you want to succeed. One final point it to warm up properly before you start to run, this is key to avoiding injury, try 20 star jumps, ten press ups and ten sit ups as well as stretching out your calves and hamstrings before setting off, if you don’t want to be stiff the next day then after your run make sure you do a controlled cool down, sit on the floor and stretch your legs out and try and touch your toes, don’t over stretch and don’t ‘bounce’ as you are doing it, this will help you to avoid injury. Final point is to watch what you eat, if you are running for weight loss you will be burning extra calories so make sure you eat the correct things, try a smoothie for breakfast with lots of fresh fruit in it, this should keep you full until lunch, for lunch try two slices of wholegrain bread, a handful of pumpkin seeds and a tin of tuna, before a run eat a banana and for dinner try something like a big chicken salad with lots of tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, rocket and watercress, but an egg in to help fill you. Remember protein is more filling than carbs so plenty of chicken, turkey, egg white. You need to fuel your body with the right fuel to be able to complete the challenges you set yourself. The very final point is drink plenty of water and don’t drink your calories so no more alcohol or fizzy drinks! If you stick to this plan you will be successful and it does get easier with time, believe me, I know.

We hope we have helped you with your running for weight loss

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