Treadmill Running Tips

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Treadmill Running tips

Treadmill running is much the same as running outside with a one main difference, you can stop at anytime! This means that if you are running on a treadmill you have to be disciplined and keep going even if you are tired just as if you were have way through an outdoor run, saying that it does allow you to push yourself further as you know that if you push too far you can climb off and be safe, don’t push too hard and risk injury though.

We feel that the best treadmill running tips are much the same as running outside,

  • Keep hydrated
  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Control your breathing

What you can do is listen to music knowing that you are safe and be able to know exactly how far you have run, how long you have been running and how approximately how many calories you have burned which is good to know. With a treadmill it is easy to see the improvements you make and this can be a great source of inspiration for new runners.

If you are training for longer distances please read our marathon training tips guide.

Whatever method of running you choose you need to prepare by warming up properly so spend at least ten minutes warming up and after your run another ten minutes cooling down this will make your next run easier and is a great way to avoid injury.

Good luck with all your runs, have a good luck around the site, we hope you have enjoyed these few treadmill running tips.

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